About the Photographer
I have been a photographer for 25 years.  My direction is evolving but there are many subjects I keep going back to.  It started with railroad photography, then morphed to landscape work, work with infrared film, wildlife, and currently with portraits.  I am a person who does not settle for ordinary cookie cutter photography where there is too much filtering.  I learned most of my skills at Foothill College in the Bay Area, worked with them as a photo lab manager for several years, before going into hospitality in the Monterey area.  Much of my current color work is done with digital SLR cameras, but I still have some classic Canon cameras for B&W film work.  I also still do work with a 4x5 sheet film camera.  My darkroom is still with me, and I intend to print traditional B&W as long as I can.  Thank you for taking a moment to view my work.
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